Sikh girl dating black guy

Sikh girl dating black guy

Sikh girl dating black guy

How do you fix it?

I am a muslim woman married to dating bechstein pianos a black man from Monserrat. Sikh men who went after them, fought enemies umpteenth times larger than themselves, won, and brought the women back safe and sound to their families. Most keshdari males in the west spend their time hanging out with other keshdari guys, or other Indian men in general.

I am thinking long term that is why I want to plan how to get married with my family supporting. It is your lowly perception of yourself. My girlfriend is white, my brother is married to a Chinese lady, who is absolutely wonderful, and has complete respect for Sikhi and the turban. Sikh forum online, there are hoards. You got no game. You have very little experience socializing with members of other races, and especially with members of the opposite sex. Now, this isn't always, the case, I workout, most of my friends (keshdari) workout, a lot of guys posting in the comments section of that post said they do as well, and I'm sure a lot of guys on here do too. That is all I ever hear, not only from my own friends, but on every. He calls me and sees me all the time and I am always at his place or he is at mine!

It took my mum years to come into terms with this relationshiop but we persevered as we wanted to be with each other and fortunately for us we succeeded it convincing my family that he was the right man for. The world is your oyster my friend, there's wonderful girls out there who will accept you for who you are and are not Indian-descent. I'm tired of keshdari guys complaining about how girls don't give you the time of day, it makes us all look like insecure, needy, weak boys who do not deserve any woman in the first place. I havent spoken to my dad or y older brother since around 2003 and my sister and i just couldnt maintain a good relationship as she just kept on at me to get dp to convert to islam which was not going to happen with.

But dp and i are very happy together and our dc are loved by his family, i would not want them to be made to feel like they are not wanted, which my family would do! When I ask most guys why they are wearing a turban, they'll tell me "because my parents made me". I think he hit the nail on the head. There are quite a few threads on this forum about the troubles of dating with a turban and beard. Most of them are going to be fat aunties in 20 years time anyways, then they'll be paying guys to give them the time of day. Understand why you wear a turban, and the thousands of brave men and women who wore it before you, and you won't give a damn about what any woman thinks.

The trials and tribulations of dating while Sikh The Langar

When i told my sister i was pregnant by him, she told me why couldnt i have at least fallen pregnant with a white guy!

He only lives with his mom and sister and I know they don t have a problem with. Original post by, kiranKaur1994 they are conservative but I am hoping I can win them round. Most of these discussions deteriorate into guys taking their frustrations out by bashing Punjabi girls for gay dating vasai not wanting to be with keshdari males. Also I am not religious myself but respect my culture and customs hence my post.

It was keshdari Sikhs who destroyed Mughal rule in Punjab, 21 keshdari Sikhs who held off an army of 10,000 Afghans for over 7 hours until reinforcements arrived. Any girl that rejects you solely for your turban isn't worth the time, even if she's Punjabi. I've got a handful of friends (all keshdari) dating white girls and Asian (Chinese mostly) girls. It is teeming with stories of epic battles, sacrifice and determination. If you respect your turban, others will too.

What is the Sikh attitude to inter-faith marriages?

I came across a post on reddit that sikh girl dating black guy tackles this issue from a slightly different angle. Sometimes when i think about them i get really upset because i just feel like a bit of me sikh girl dating black guy is missing and thinking will i ever be truely happy with them not in my life.

Before we officially started dating he talked to his family about me, so that they wouldn t expect him to marry an Indian girl. Hiya, firstly would like to say im very sorry to hear the sad news of you dh,i hope you have support around around you. Get your behind into the gym, lose weight if you're fat, build muscle if you're skinny.

I know sikh girl dating black guy lots of sikh men that are dating women and sikhism teaches that we are equal so I should have the same rights. Secondly, most turban beard guys I know are not physically attractive. If you are proud to be keshdari, then they will respect you for. I rest my case.

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