Whats a good headline to use for a dating site

Whats a good headline to use for a dating site

Whats a good headline to use for a dating site

Forces for 60 days without the explicit authorization of Congress. Update 70, Monday, March 7, 3:01.m. Qaddafi, once among the Palestinian movements most vocal waycross dating international supporters, outraged many Arabs by saying that Palestinians have no special claim to the land of Israel and calling for the creation of a binational Isratine.

Editors note: The following is a basic primer on whats happening in Libya. The United Nations Security Council is holding a closed-door session today to discuss the violence in Libya.

The Libyan people have fought against one of the most brutal western colonizations in Africa. Other highlights: We Libyans resisted theUnited States and Britain in the past, we will not surrender. Meanwhile, theres talk in the British government of arming the rebels under certain circumstances. But the council rejected the plan, viewing the letter as a trial balloon: a ploy to divide Libyans as Qaddafi continues trying to take back rebel-held territory. The report includes footage of once-secret holding cells for political prisoners and confidential files that belonged to the Qaddafi regime: On Thursday night, British airmen working with the nato campaign in Libya bombed a regime headquarters bunker in Sirte, Moammar Qaddafis hometown and one. Tripoli ( Siddhartha Mahanta ) : Meanwhile, in Brussels: Western nations are faced with an ever more insistent stark choice between aiding the rebels, perhaps with a no-flight zone, or standing by as Colonel Qaddafi reasserts his grip on the country, reports the New York.

It was updated continuously from February through the beginning of April. The compound, which served as the pleasure palace for the Qaddafi family (including the big-spending, notoriously sadistic fourth son, Hannibal Moammar Qaddafi was full of the possessions and excess expected of a wealthy dictators children: expensive scotch and champagne, big TVs and expensive stereo systems.

For all of us its been superemotional. Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said in a statement that the Security Councils resolution, which Russia tacitly supported by not vetoing, did not authorize the kinds of air strikes conducted last night. Some of the African workers claim that their captors suspected them of being loyal to, or (worse) mercenaries of, the Qaddafi regime. The UN is sending a humanitarian assessment team to Tripoli, reports Al Jazeera. Tripoli ( Ashley Bates Al-Jazeera correspondents reported hearing loud explosions on Saturday, including the crash of a plane (shown above). Michele Bachmann has issued a statement about the events in Libya.

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Despite seemingly obvious evidence to the contrary, the Qaddafi government maintains that it is observing a cease-fire and is not attacking Benghazi. The German press agency DPA reports that Benghazis airstrip has been totally destroyed.

Up to 86 of the time, its dating your business partner a lazy way to drum up a post without putting too much thought into. Tripoli ( Siddhartha Mahanta Just tweeted by @SultanAlQassemi: Breaking Al Hurra: the Libyan mission to the UN takes down Gaddafis green flag raises the Kingdom of #Libya independence flag instead.

Libyan rebels, according to Al Jazeera English, have captured two coastal towns: Zawiyah, a key oil town about 25 miles west of Tripoli, and Zlitan, roughly 90 miles east of Tripoli. Here are some of his thoughts: On Where This Could Be Headed: Unfortunately, I think its going to get worse. Speaking from the leagues meeting in Cairo, Omans foreign minister, Youssef bin Alawi bin Abdullah said that the body voted unanimously to ask the United Nations Security Council to approve a no-fly zone. And the help they need is easy for us to provide. Tripoli ( Ashley Bates Thomas Friedman argues in todays New York Times that events unfolding in Libya and across the Middle East highlight the failures of oil interest-driven US foreign policy.

64 of sophisticated blog readers believe that using a number in a post title is so pathetically obvious that it couldnt possibly still. And National Security Council senior director for multilateral affairs Samantha Power said that the US is doing its best to help civilians trying to leave Libya. Update 35, Thursday, Feb.

We have become such pussies that we would crap our pants if we were asked to do any of this. Al Jazeera s Anita McNaught, however, suggested that these arguments are either naiive or a bit cynical in nature: Do they think these air defense systems man themselves?, she asked moments ago. None of us can say with any certainty what will happen when we return, but under the War Powers Act, any senator can ask under privilege of the Senate to call this question, as to whether or not we will support these actions taken. Sultan al-Qassemi, a commentator on Arab affairs, live-tweeted Qaddafis speech. Saif told the BBC that Qaddafis forces broke the backs of rebels and that he is well. Qaddafi promised the death penalty for numerous crimes and mentioned Tiannemen Square and suggested the Chinese regime had done the right thing.

What s Happening in Libya Explained, mother Jones

An automated decision is a decision taken without any human intervention which has legal consequences (e.g. Now they will say my speech is recorded from before, the lying channels.

I sympathize with blog readers who hate numbers in post titles. Is this start of final push to Tripoli?

It runs from Libya to Sicily, and supplies 10 percent of Italys natural gas. He echoed much of what was written in his statement released on Sunday night. Whats the plan if this settles into a standoff? Reuters reports : UN gemini male dating diplomats said the agreement would allow the release of the funds without a Security Council vote on a draft resolution that dating sites for adults with learning disabilities Washington submitted on Wednesday after South Africa blocked.S. British Prime Minister David Cameron said ( also via Sultan AlQassemi ) that Qaddafi has broken the ceasefire and that its time to move quickly. When I visited Tunisia just a few months before going to Tripoli, I met plenty of people willing to criticize Ben Ali even indian mobile dating sites when others were present. French president Nicolas Sarkozy issued a statement calling on Qaddafi to step down: As the outcome is no longer in doubt, the president of the republic urges Col. Thursday Tripoli ( Ashley Bates The Jerusalem Post reports that Qaddafis children are encouraging him to seek political asylum in Nicaragua.

10 Ways to X is a classic headline formula, but its being worked to death online. This morning, Haynes tweeted, Line of trucks and cars tooting horns with Tripoli Brigade written on them just drove past. Local time Monday, according to Algerian state television and the African countrys foreign ministry. Update 15, Tuesday, Feb.

There are people with heavier weapons. Al Hurra (a satellite television competitor of Al Jazeeras that is sponsored by the US government) is reporting that the Libyan ambassador in London has resigned and joined protests outside the embassy. In Tripoli, support for Col Muammar Gaddafi remains strong, correspondents say.

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